Roland XP-80 Music Workstation


I bought a ‘very experienced’ XP-80 off the interweb that needed a little attention. It came in a very heavy flightcase and it had been used on stage a lot. There was actually a note left taped on top of it with the tracklist from it’s latest gig. Cool!

About two octaves of keys didn’t work anymore and it was a little dirty. This synth suffered from the same problem as the JV-80 I bought earlier: red glue everywhere underneath the keys.

When I took the bottom plate off I discovered that two expansionboards where installed: SR-JV80-07 Super sound set and the SR-JV80-09 Session board. Yeah 🙂

I cleaned the whole thing up and fixed the keys. I actually resprayed the bottom plate satin black because it had a lot of scratches and some rust. Looks like new now. When reassembled I tested everything and it’s working just fine. Even the floppydrive works!

roland-xp-80-137427 (Medium) P1140085 (Medium)


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