R is for Roland book

20160325_175859 (Medium)

This is a very cool book about the history of some famous Roland synthesizers and drumcomputers written by Michal Matlak, Florian Anwander and Tabita Hub. I saw this online a while ago and as a big Roland fan I just had to buy it.

A quote from their website:

“R for Roland”, a hardcover book about the history of 23 selected Roland synthesizers and drum machines from 1973 until 1987 that revolutionized the world of electronic music. Offering over 384 pages filled with fine art portraits of the machines, detailed insight into the history and scores of artist interviews.

With words by Lee “Scratch” Perry, Au Revoir Simone, Portishead, Nightmares On Wax, The Hacker, Jeff Mills, The Egyptian Lover, Plastikman, Mathew Jonson, Legowelt, Martyn Ware and many more…

Limited to 2000 copies worldwide.. get your copy on the R is for Roland website.


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