Roland U-110 PCM Sound Module

Roland U-110

In my search for the last missing SN-U110 cards I bought a Roland U-110 with 4 cards. Three of which I already own but with the SN-U110-09 Guitar & Keyboards card that came with it I now have 14 out of 15 cards. I thought I just sell the U-110 and the three other cards and make a little profit. Until the U-110 arrived securely wrapped in a plastic bag :’)

Damned :@

Now I have to fix the freaking thing first.. Off course the volume pot is so obsolete you can’t get anywhere so I ended up buying one for a Korg that is almost the same. Well the specs are the same: 10kb Logarithmic but the replacement has a little different pin spacing and a D-shaft instead of a knurled shaft. I will replace it and see if everything works again.

I read that the U-110 had different filter causing it to sound less ‘clean’ that a U-220 and U-20. It also taken 4 SN-U110 cards so I might keep it a little longer to see if it sounds cool.

Will update soon..



3 thoughts on “Roland U-110 PCM Sound Module

  1. Sorry, only got 14 & 15 double,
    but let me know your budget for the 8 including shipping (I’m in France),
    cause I often see the 8 in bargain shops..


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