Roland Juno Stage


This week a Roland Juno Stage came in the mail. I bought it from a guy who gigged it a lot and he said it had a rough life on stage. Came with some minor defects but they are all fixable.

First assessment: not to bad at all!  🙂 It’s a bit dirty and needs a good clean but overall it looks very nice! I’ve played it for a little while and I must say that it sounds pretty good too. There are a ton of patches (+-1200) and +- 32 drumkits ranging from Latin drums to Rock drums to hammering 808 and 909 sounds. I like it.


  • Polyphony – 128 voices (16-part multitimbral)
  • Oscillators – 128MB Wave Memory (16-bit linear equivalent)
  • Arpeggiator – 128 Preset, 128 User
    Chord Memory: 64 Preset, 64 User
    Rhythm Patterns: 256 Preset, 256 User
  • Sequencer – Song Player: SMF File Format-0/1, Audio File: WAV/AIFF/MP3
  • Effects – Multi FX: 3 systems, 79 types, Chorus: 3 types, Reverb: 5 types, Mic Input, Reverb: 8 types
  • Memory – Preset Patches: 1027 + 256 (GM2), Rhythm Sets: 32 + 9 (GM2), Performances: 64
    User Patches: 256, Rhythm Sets: 32, Performances: 64
  • Keyboard – 76 keys (with velocity)
  • Control – MIDI In/Out, USB
  • Date Produced – 2008

One thing I couldn’t find online before I bought it is: does the Juno Stage have a semi weighed synth action keybed?  Yes it does 🙂 I was very happy when I saw the weights glued to the bottom of the white keys.

The problems I found so far:

  • The power button is missing
  • The volume potmeter is a bit loose (and the sound makes a crackling noise when you use it)
  • One G# key doesn’t work at all

Apart from the power button missing the other problems were as advertised. If I want to power the synth on I have the press the button inside the synth with a pencil. I’ll see if I can find the button cap.. maybe it’s inside the synth somewhere.

The volume pot may need to be replaced but I’ll have a look at it first to see if it can be cleaned.

The dead key is probably fixable by cleaning the contact underneath that key. But looking at how dirty the synth is I’m going to take all the keys off and give them a good soak in the kitchen sink anyway  🙂

I’ll post an update once I’ve opened it up.

Update January 25th 2017:

I’ve received a new powerswitch + the plastic cap that sticks out the back of the synth and a new volume potentiometer. Only took 2,5 months to arrive from Japan :’)

In the meantime I cleaned the contacts underneath octave that had the G# that didn’t work. Put it all back together and it still doesn’t work. Bummer. After reading a little online I get the idea that the Juno Stage has the same problem as the 2 Juno-D’s I had. The Juno-D suffers from keys that stop working. Badly. If you see a Juno-D for sale and the add says: only 3 keys work! That’s normal for a Juno-D 😀 I’ve replaced all the contact rubbers on those to fix it. Might need to do the same thing with this Juno Stage.

I’ll install the new parts soon and clean the keybed. Hope everything is fine again after that!



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