Ultimate Apache Keyboard stand


I bought this stand a few weeks ago. The ad said it was an Ultimate keyboard stand but I thought I was a Jaspers because I couldn’t find any Ultimate keyboard stand online that looks anything like the picture above 🙂

I need a stand for several synthesizers and this would be a nice solution. When it arrived the bag it came in read ‘Ultimate’ as did a lot of documents that came with it and about every part and knob on the thing has ‘Ultimate’ printed on it. So it’s probably an Ultimate instead of a Jaspers stand 🙂

Right, small problem: one of the plastic parts holding the top of the right A frame together was broken (I knew this when I bought it).

I decided to email Ultimate USA if I could get a replacement part for this. 30 minutes later (!) they replied: ‘This keyboard stand was discontinued in 1999, but we can still get you this part’ How’s that for service 😀

They advised me to contact the European distributor and see of they have the part as well, but they could also send it to me from the US. The part is in the mail somewhere so soon I’ll have a very nice keyboard stand that will hold 3 big synthesizers. It came with 2 smaller ‘arms’ that will hold a drumcomputer or something like it. Nice!

Here’s a picture of the assembled stand with a little Arturia midi controller sitting on one of the small supports:


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